What to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Home

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As annoying and disrupting as it can be, we’ve all been there. You’ve finished work or just got back from the shops, and now you’re rummaging through your pockets hunting for your front door keys. Then you realise. You’ve locked yourself out of your home.

So what do you do?

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, the ultimate goal is to get into your home as soon as possible.

Here at Barnsley Lock & Key, our experienced local locksmiths have been helping Barnsley residents to regain entry to their homes for over 3 decades. And if you’re reading this article, it’s highly likely that you’ve found yourself in the exact same position.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of suggestions and advice for what to do when you’re locked out of your home

Help! I’m Locked Out of My Home – What Do I Do?

Don’t panic! Read our advice below, with top tips on how to stay safe, avoid unnecessary damage and get back inside in no time…

Avoid Making Drastic Decisions!

Don’t smash a window or kick down the door! Any reputable locksmith will be able to gain entry to your home in a non-destructive fashion. Causing damage to your door or windows will only result in expensive repairs that will set you back way more than a visit from a locksmith would! Plus you could end up injuring yourself in the process, and now you’re not only locked out, but you’re also in need of a trip to A&E!

Check All Your Windows & Doors

It might seem like a redundant task if you’re certain you locked all the doors and windows before you left – but you never know! Plus you’re locked out, so you’ve probably got nothing better to do with your time… If you’re able to, we recommend taking a good look around your property, trying all the doors and windows you can reach without injuring yourself. But don’t get too cocky, trying to climb through the cat flap or using ladders when you’re by yourself – 9 times out of 10 it will end in disaster.

Does Anyone Have a Spare Key?

It can be easy to forget in stressful situations like these, but maybe you’ve given a friend, family member or even a neighbour a spare key in the past! Give them a call to see if they can help you out. While we never recommend leaving a spare key outside your home, many people still do it; check those plant pots, under the bins, anywhere you could have left one – just in case.

Avoid DIY Locksmith Attempts

Put down the credit cards and hair grips. We’ve all seen it in films – someone’s locked out and they gain entry to their home with one swift swipe of their credit card or a quick fiddle with the lock using a bobby pin. Unfortunately, it isn’t that straightforward in real life. While it can be possible, it depends on the type of lock you have and whether or not the lock is damaged. Plus, without any experience or prior lock-picking knowledge, you could end up causing more damage to your lock or your door!

Find Somewhere to Wait

If it’s cold or dark, you may feel unsafe waiting outside. Depending on your relationship with your neighbours, it could be worth knocking on their door and seeing if they’d provide some shelter for half an hour or so until help arrives. Or if you’re in a built-up area, you could visit a local coffee shop, etc. Perhaps you’ve got family who live close by who wouldn’t mind letting you in for a cuppa?

Contact Your Local Locksmith

If you cannot access your home, then the only real solution is to contact your local locksmith. A trained locksmith will be able to pick your lock or replace the lock using non-destructive techniques and get you inside in no time.

However, we highly recommend that you avoid national locksmith companies posing as local businesses. We’ve been called out to customers who have contacted one of these companies, only to be left waiting out in the cold for up to 8 hours! Stick to real local companies, and make sure you check their reviews before calling.

Local Barnsley Locksmiths

If you’ve found yourself locked out in Barnsley, call us now on 01226 952 812 and we’ll have an expert locksmith at your home within the hour. We know that emergencies like this can strike at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services in Barnsley and across the surrounding areas of South Yorkshire.

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